Transform How You Spread the Gospel

Reach more people in your community than ever before. Analytics driven digital ad campaigns bring more visitors through your church’s front doors.

Church attendance is at a historic low and many churches are struggling to reach their communities.

But new opportunities have arrived in the digital age. The search bar and social media have revolutionized how people find information. That includes how people find churches and get answers to life's most important questions.



Now, churches can deliver the right message to the right person at the right time. The result: more guests through your front door.

Here is the opportunity:



Google searches for
“Churches Near Me” every year



Average time spent on social media per day



Google searches for
“Who is Jesus” in 2019​

How does digital outreach work?

Outreach that is analytics driven, adaptable, cost effective, and reaches exponentially more people. All so you can be found when it matters most.

Targeted Event Invitations

Using social media advertising tools we can target specific groups of people in your community and provide a personal invitation to an upcoming event. Never waste another outreach dollar again.

SEARCHING for a church?

Let’s face it, there are many churches. Faithful Christians may know how to tell them apart, but it is confusing to a non-church goer. "Churches near me" is searched 550,000 times each month.

People in your community are looking for churches. Digital outreach campaigns run around the clock so you can
be found when it matters most.

SHare the gospel

Social media advertising is an effective avenue for telling people about the gospel. That allows you to
outreach at an exponential scale.

By creating engaging outreach ads you can speak to people where they are and offer them an invitation to a free course at your church where they can learn about christianity.

What pastors are saying: