Hi. We're Digital Ministries.
We created this digital agency to serve faithful, gospel preaching local churches.
Our goal is to partner with churches to spread the gospel in their communities.
Using our digital expertise we can help churches of all sizes reach people in new, innovative ways.

The story behind our story

Matt and Luke met in December of 2016 after Matt and his wife visited our home church in Glen Mills, PA, for the first time. The couple had been seeking a new church home and the opportunity to grow and fellowship with a group of people in their same stage of life. At a meeting with a pastor after worship, they were encouraged to reach out to two couples who led community groups (small groups) within the church. This led to Matt’s wife calling Luke, who invited them to join their next community group meeting and even sit with him and his family the following Sunday at church.

What followed was a quickly blossoming friendship between the two couples and the realization that Luke and Matt shared a lot of complementary professional goals and skill sets. As they continued to serve their home church, they began to recognize a trend: church marketing, especially in the digital realm, left a lot to be desired. The vast majority of churches were not effectively leveraging online tools to connect with their members or people in their communities.

As the way people research and find churches evolved with the digital era, old methods of outreach were no longer as effective. Suddenly, it clicked: What if they took their experience and expertise in digital marketing and website design and development, and used them to impact local churches? What if churches were able to access best practices employed by Fortune 500 companies to speak to their communities?

Finally, after many early morning meetings, hours of prayer, and gallons of Wawa coffee, Digital Ministries was born. In this new venture, churches would find a digital partner to help them tackle social media, email marketing, website creation, and online advertising to share the gospel with their communities in fresh, effective ways. Digital Ministries is designed to be an extension of your church outreach, amplifying your voice, church communications, and the message of the Gospel to those who need it most. Our team is ready to serve!

Luke Menser


Luke has worked as an application development leader for 15 years in Fortune 500 companies.  He prides himself as an “enthusiastic” Philly sports fan, but his real passion is for building and equipping local churches.

Matt Engler


Matt has worked as a global digital marketing leader for over a decade in Fortune 500 companies.  He claims to be an even more enthusiastic Philly sports fan than Luke, but his real passion is reaching people with the good news of Jesus Christ.