Five Most Common
Mistakes Churches Make
When Building their
Online Presence

The world lives online. Even though seemingly everything seems to have gone digital – communication, shopping, and even relationships – many churches have failed to keep up with this trend. Fortunately, it’s easier than you might think to create a strong digital presence for your church. Download our free guide to find out how.

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Hi. We're Digital Ministries.

We are a digital advertising agency who help local churches struggling with church attendance and unable to effectively reach their communities.

New opportunities have arrived in the digital age. The search bar and social media have revolutionized how people find information. That includes how people find churches and get answers to life's most important questions.

Now, churches can deliver the right message to the right person at the right time. The result: more guests through your front door.

Benefits of Digital Outreach

Exponential Reach

Exponentially increase the number of people you reach in your community

Always On

Provide hope to people in your community wherever and whenever they’re searching - day and night

Analytics Driven

Employ data-driven, adaptable church outreach tactics designed for a digital world

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